65% of All People Are Visual Learners

Posted by on Jul 19, 2011 in Featured | Comments Off on 65% of All People Are Visual Learners

There are three different ways people learn according to Neil Fleming. Most people are a combination of visual, auditory or kinesthetic learners. About 65% of people are mainly visual learners, in that they easily pick up information with their eyes. Visual learners often associate the things they learn with the images they saw when they first learned the material.

Companies need to understand that there are many people who learn by seeing something, not just listening or reading. Many people prefer to see a video or a graphic to teach them something, especially when there is a lot of data and difficult material to understand. People want to see simple but powerful things. When interesting facts are combined with beautiful design, people are much more likely to understand and share the material with others.

Infographics are great tools for companies who are seeking to gain the attention of the visual learners. This may explain why infographics have grown to be so popular lately. Never before have people had access to important and interesting information in the form of a visually appealing graphic. Let Prime Infographics help you accomplish just that.